Student Life



RCCS Knight Athletic Opportunities

Home to The Knights, RCCS offers students various athletic and club opportunities to ensure a holistic approach to education and health.  At RCCS, we believe that extra-curricular activities provide opportunities for students to become health conscious and develop skills necessary to work in a team environment.

  • Basketball:  RCCS has 3 Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) championship basketball teams.  Many of our players go on to continue this healthy activity in high school.  As proud as we are of that record, we are more proud of the sportsmanship our student athletes display both on-and-off the court.

  • Soccer:  Soccer is offered on “an-interested” basis.  If enough students are interested,  soccer is offered in either the fall and/or spring.  If not enough players are interested, RCCS students may play with our sister school, Queen of Apostles Catholic School or GESU Catholic School.


Performing and Visual Arts

RCCS believes strongly in the tie between academic success and the performing and visual arts.  We have an outstanding Praise Choir that performs at weekly school masses, Christmas and Spring celebrations, as well as graduation.  Musical expression is a large part of our student life programming. Additionally, students in grades 3-8 have the opportunity to participate in Step Team, which teaches an unspoken conversation through bodily-rhythmic patterns. Students learn the importance of teamwork, proximity, and geographical location of a team performance on stage. The movements increase energy, precision, rhythmic, dexterity, and sound distinction recognition.

Through a collaboration with The Toledo Ballet, our younger RCCS students are exposed to the art of dance through a program called “Learning in Motion.”

Students also have the opportunity to participate in The Toledo Ballet “First Steps” program.  This year-long dance education outreach integrates dance with children’s literature in a fun, creative way that promotes literacy and reinforces classroom curriculum.  The curriculum often includes attendance to The Toledo Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker.