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Mrs. Sarah Cullum, M.Ed. – Principal

“Love God. Love others. That’s it.” 

It is not only our motto at RCCS, it is who we are.  For 100 years, RCCS has been providing residents in the Old West End with educational and spiritual excellence. We are a community of educators who offer a progressive, yet disciplined, approach to learning.

2000px-NotreDameFightingIrish.svgAs a strategic partner of both The University of Notre Dame and Lourdes University, we have developed a culture of morality, learning, and service.  If you have been looking for a school that provides your son or daughter with more, we may be the answer you have been looking for.  Give us a call today for more information or to set-up a visit, 419-243-4396.

Rosary Cathedral Catholic School – CCMT Mission

CCMT Catholic School, comprised of Queen of Apostles and Rosary Cathedral Campuses, is a central city K thru 8 Diocesan school.  CCMT provides a strong academic and religious education to a diverse population while focusing on personal growth and compassion for others.  We strive to develop life-long learners prepared to contribute to their community.

Statement of Vision and Beliefs

CCMT Catholic School endeavors to prepare students to be responsible and productive citizens who are followers of Christ, now and in the future. We believe:

  • each child is a valuable gift from God, each uniquely capable of learning
  • parents/guardians and teachers are partners in educating students to their maximum potential
  • instruction must provide for the learning styles of all students, thus enabling students to assume their own learning
  • cultural diversity needs to be acknowledged, utilized, and celebrated
  • that all persons, regardless of age, are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ and to serve the needs of others


The Monarchs Are Coming!

Rosary Cathedral is once again honored and excited to be named as a recipient of the Monarch Butterfly Rescue Grant from the National Catholic Education Association!  Our students will be doing their part to protect these delicate creatures and their endangered migration routes.   A special thanks to Mrs. Taylor for her tireless efforts to make this project a success.
“Each year sees the disappearance of thousands of plant and animal species which we will never know, which our children will never see, because they have been lost forever.”

-Pope Francis, Laudato Si

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